Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"This is why we do, what we do." -Steve Jobs

Monday was an inspirational day for many special needs teachers. Apple hosted a free seminar in Chicago to share Accessibility features for iOS and OS X. I was incredibly inspired by Bill Ziegler student success stories. Photo Booth and using Multitasking Gestures were game changers for simple ways to communicate.  For example, there was an autistic boy who wouldn't (and his teachers thought couldn't) communicate more than a few words at a time. Once the student was placed in front of Photo Booth with effects on, his personality came to "life." The effects provided the simulation the boy needed to look at in order to communicate. He recorded himself counting, singing his ABC's, and even carrying conversations back and forth.

Learn more about iOS for Special Education and OS X for Special Education on Apple's Special Education website.

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