Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Redefinition and Motivating Teachers

Who thinks of going on a bike ride in the middle of December, 2 days before Christmas? BikeWitMike is the answer! PE teacher from +Freedom Middle School decided he wanted to create Virtual Reality bike ride experiences that will influence his students and his community. His first video was published in October which recorded students and staff riding throughout Berwyn using a Go Pro Camera and some iMovie making skills. His students watch the Virtual Reality experience during PE class on stationary bikes, working out to the intensity of this interval training video. (Check out the boys' and girls' responses after their workout.) Mike started a Twitter handle to share his experiences and to encourage his movement. (Read More)

This examples falls on the Redefinition level of the SAMR model because Mike used the technology to allow for "new tasks previously inconceivable." Simply recording the bike ride with a Go Pro and making it into an iMovie falls at Modification. Taking it a step further and posting his video on YouTube and sharing it out via Twitter to collaborate with a broader community is where this movie allows for new tasks. Nike, Tips for Hero's, Donors Choose, Map My Ride and many more have caught eye and are connecting with Mike by favoriting and retweeting what he is sharing on social media.

After the video, Mike wanted more, he immediately started planning follow up bike rides and started to brainstorm how he can spread his influence further. Mike created a Donors Choose project to get 3 bikes for students in our low income school district. He wants more students to join him on bike rides and he plans to have students create videos saying WHY they should receive the bike and WHAT they will do with it to affect the community. His goal is to have his Twitter followers vote on the best video.
"This project will help students to become more active and live a healthy lifestyle. It will also help bring the community, students, and school closer together." 
When Mike and I were collaborating last week about our next ride, he said how about we reach out to the Morton Arboretum and the Brookfield Zoo to ride next? We can use the video footage for workouts AND to teach students about these local beautiful trails. The Arboretum said, come on out to ride! Mike didn't want to wait until spring, when the weather turned warmer. He is ready to continue his #bikewitmike movement and create his next interval video. So off we went... Instructional Coach +Ramona Towner picked me up at 6:50 in the morning to meet Mike at the Morton Arboretum. Mike was ready with his Map My Ride App and Go Pro Camera. We biked 2 trails on each side of the Arboretum, 9 miles all together. I really enjoy bike riding, but I came out this December morning because Mike has inspired me. I know he will work on editing an hour's worth of footage during his time off this Winter Break. I know his second video will be influencing students and teachers throughout Berwyn and WAY beyond. Oh, and I also ride for the exercise!

All these tasks (YouTube, Twitter, Donors Choose, 2nd bike ride, etc) were previously inconceivable without the technology. One Go Pro Camera & a MacBook Air has completely motivated this teacher, to change the world, one bike ride at a time. Follow #BikeWitMike on Twitter, consider donating to his Donors Choose project, or better yet get inspired and join us on his next ride!