Professional Development Resources

iMovie 10.0 for OS X YouTube Playlist  (student friendly)

iMovie Stories created for/on OS X
Holiday iMovie Storyboard
Holiday iMovie Rubric
What is SAMR in D100? iMovie Project
Learning Spaces iMovie Trailer (Travel Theme)
iPadpalooza iMovie Trailer (Travel Theme)
Redefining Mobile Learning  iMovie Trailer (Coming of Age Theme)

iMovie for iOS 8 YouTube Playlist (student friendly)

iMovie Stories created for/on iOS 
Volcano iMovie Trailer (Superhero Theme)
iPadtacula iMovie Trailer (Scary Theme)
iPadtacula iMovie Trailer (Adrenaline Theme)
DC Monuments iMovie
Air and Space Museum iMovie
National History Museum iMovie
iMovie Trailer Storyboard Templates/Planning Sheets

GarageBand for iOS
*Create a voice recording in GarageBand on iPad.
Include: name, what you do, where you live, your favorite subject/topic to teacher and why, and if you could travel anywhere tomorrow where would it be

iTunes U for iOS
*Subscribe to iTeach Above the Line
*Search iTunes U for courses in content area 
*Read the description, browse the outline, read reviews, and subscribe if you're still interested
(Math teachers: be sure to check out Khan Academy on iTunes U)

If you do not have access to an iPad for the iTunes U Course, I've started posting my screencasts on my YouTube Channel.  

*All material was created by Shannon Soger, please use proper crediting when sharing these materials.

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