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I graduated from Augustana College in May 2005 with an Elementary Education Major & a Spanish Minor. In August 2005, I landed a job teaching 4th grade at Piper Elementary School in South Berwyn District 100. I taught 4th grade for 7 years and was involved in many district initiatives: PBIS (Universal Coach), Inquiry Based Learning, Summer Curriculum Mapping, Workshop Presenter, Berwyn ARTS Grant, 1:1 Pilot Classroom, 8.12 Professional Development Team, Site Visit Planer, Imaging & Device Roll Out, New teacher Orientation, Back to School Picnic Planner, and the 100% 1:1 Wireless Device Program

Since I started the pilot 1:1 classroom in 2009, we went from 10 classrooms to 90 classrooms in 2011-2012, and all 151+ classrooms in 2012-2013. Throughout this time I've been lucky enough to grow and as educator and a leader. I was nominated to attend an Apple Academy in Cupertino, CA where I learned a tremendous amount on a MacBook, iPad 2, and iTouch for en entire week. When I retuned, I hosted Professional Development workshops to teach others in my district what I learned. During the 2011-2012 school year I took on the role of being the 1:1 Coordinator while I was teaching my 4th grade students. I traveld on Friday's to the other 5 elementary buildings to help coach new 1:1 teachers as they were added throughout the year. I traveled back to Cupertino, CA to attend an Executive Briefing Session with selected principals and teachers from D100. In November I attended Leveraging Learning: the iPad in the Primary Grades in Maine, and in January I went to the Apple office in Chicago to help create our professional development plan, preparing for 100% 1:1 deployment in the fall of 2012. 

In August of 2012, I left the elementary classroom to be 1 of 5 Instructional Coaches (iCoaches). I traveled to all 8 buildings, coaching teacher leaders how to enhance their instruction in their 1:1 environments. In addition to coaching, I kept the role as the 1:1 Coordinator. I led the program from beginning of the year deployment to end of the year collection. I coordinated site visits for schools, districts, state representatives, and companies to learn about 1:1 and see engagement in action. In December 2012 South Berwyn School District 100 was recognized as an Apple Distinguished Program for 2012-2013 (click on the link on an iPad and wait for the iBook to load). I served on the Professional Development committee and helped plan (and presented) PD during the school year and the summer. In February 2013 I received an Apple Certified Foundations Trainer Certificate after attending the 5-day Apple Academy in Cupertino, CA. 

As of December 2013, I'm leading the Instructional Coach team and the 1:1 Program as the Instructional Director. I had the privilege of participating in an Apple Webcast Series and announcing Berwyn South as an Apple Distinguished Program for 2013-2015. I also started to spread my influence outside of D100 by presenting for institute days & conferences at other schools/districts.

The 2014-2015 school year was busy, preparing for our 1st EdTech Conference. After attending iPadpalooza in Austin, TX June 2014, I was inspired to host our very own one-of-a-kind e2-day event in Berwyn. I had the privilege of showcasing our students, teachers, and iLeaders planning the conference on May 8th and 9th, 2015 at iEngage Berwyn.

On April 22, 2015 I achieved one of my educational goals... I was accepted into the Apple Distinguished Educator Community! I am looking forward to the ADE 2015 Institute in Miami, FL to connect with like-minded educators! 

I'm extremely busy, but I think I'm the luckiest educator in the world. I love my current career, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me. 

Shannon Soger 
Apple Distinguished Educator 
ssoger@bsd100.org (school)
shannonsoger@gmail.com (personal)

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