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Why 1:1 MacBook & iPad?

I am a HUGE advocate for teaching, coaching, and presenting with Dr. Ruben Puentedura's SAMR model in mind. We have hosted 1,000+ visitors from over 180 schools/districts across Illinois and 9 other states. Several teachers, technology directors, technology integrators/coaches, principals, administrators, and Superintendents walk through our schools to learn about Apple Distinguished Program, South Berwyn District 100

Throughout these site visits I'm often asked, "Why has your district purchased 4,000+ MacBooks/iPads for your students?" ("Why not a cheaper device like a Chromebook or other tablet?")

Here is my response: What is the goal for YOUR students?

MacBooks and iPads have helped us in our journey to reaching the top of the SAMR model. Our goal was not to "digitize" the curriculum, and thus being "held back"at the substitution level. Being at the substitution level is NOT a bad place to be. Every teacher needs to start somewhere when you're trying to integrate technology into the classroom. In addition, sometimes a lesson starts at substitution or even augmentation and then moves it's way above the line. (See my October Pumpkin Writing Blog Posts) The overlying message is to show growth in your technology integration lessons. For some teachers this may take a few weeks and for others it may take an entire school year. 

1:1 MacBook and iPad classrooms have helped our students to be able to CREATE and collaborate in their classrooms and at home. Classrooms are sharing iBooks, Blog Posts, and Google Presentations with students in the other classrooms, grades, schools, or even another country. Teachers have created iTunes U Courses for their classrooms or for Professional Development, where anyone in the world can access the materials. Furthermore, students (even the kindergarten classes) are taking what they've learned and applying it in order to create (i.e.) an iMovie. 

These are the types of transformational teaching and learning happenings. It's an "exciting time to be in education" (+Sue Gorman) and it's an exciting time to have access to so much technology. Just remember to think about the goal of your students when deciding on a 1:1/BYOD device and when integrating technology into the curriculum. 

Finally, the reason for this page within my blog is to share my reflection on the SAMR model and to share the iTeach SAMR image. Now that District 100 is in our 3rd year at 100% 1:1, we are encouraging teachers more than ever to "Teach Above the Line."  Thus, we created the image of the SAMR model joining the iTeach Above the Line message in it. 

What are your reactions to my SAMR reflection? What are your thoughts on integrating technology in the classroom? Are you a teacher trying to "get above the line?" I'd love to hear from you!

Integrating SAMR: It's a Process

Transforming a district to understand the SAMR model and consistently be pushed to integrate technology in classrooms at higher SAMR levels is a process. View the SAMR timeline below for a glimpse into how SAMR was integrated in Berwyn South School District 100. 
For a collection of SAMR resources, please check out SAMR on!

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