Friday, June 7, 2013

Fanning & Howey iBook Training

Fanning Howey is an architectural company that does so much more than "build and design." Charli Johnsos and Greg Monberg have brought me into 21st Century Learning Spaces in Hammond, IN and Gurnee, IL. Now that South Berwyn is 100% 1:1, we are noticing that the look of the classroom and the role of the teacher is changing, along with the furniture needs. We've seen learn labs that have 3 screens and movable chairs so that you can see content from anywhere in the room in a comfortable position. The 3 screen model also allows students/teachers to show what's on his/her device. We hope to have a learn lab in D100 soon!

Charli recently contacted me about teaching a small group from FHAI how to use iBooks Author. They want to start putting all their content into an iBook Collection with several 3D Sketch Up models created by their architects. This will allow their audience to interact with their content and get a deeper understanding of what a classroom/building can look like.

I think it's great that architectural companies like Fanning Howey are connecting with schools and engaging in interactive technologies like iBooks Author. Oh, we also did a Google Hang Out with other FHAI architects that couldn't join us... How cool?!

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